Monday, November 9, 2015

New Week, New Models on the painting table

So Straight after finishing up my Confederate Cavalry Rob dropped off his first couple of union units for me to paint up. I decided since i was having fun with horses id start on his cavalry unit.
This would be fun as Rob had assembled them all with hats rather than caps like i had and with a different uniform colour it would be interesting to see how the same box can cover both sides of the conflict.

As the union had a lot more resources and tended to be more uniformed than the confederates i decided to do all the horses in the same base colour. I will have verity in the unit by doing different placings for the horse markings etc.

Along with the cavalry the second unit of Rob's is a infantry unit.  I've noticed the the Perry's first plastic box has slightly shorter troops than the newer confederates. This isn't a big issue as they will be on the opposite side of the table as my troops but i can see why people on various sites and forums are asking for a new union specific set to be done by the Perry's. (it would be great to see a set in full coats).

I'm hoping to have both units done by the end of the week.

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