Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ACW Black Powder Supplement is coming

Warlord Games has announced that their ACW supplement for their Black Powder Rule set isn't far off   - i really hope its of a larger size and more like Pike and Shotte as the period deserves real attention - im certainly prepared to pay more for more info and detail.

Here is a pic of the artwork that's going to be used on the cover. No other info at this stage but ill post it here on the blog when i find out more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On the painting table update

Had a good day of painting today. Only the skin and a bit of work on the rifles to go. :)

Also just to break up task i started work on Robs first box of artillery.

Really getting into the flow of painting Union troops. Hopefully Rob will have a couple more boxes ready for me to start work on this weekend.

A couple of other lads from the club have also expressed interest in my painting their confederate and union troops (At this rate our huge game we have planned for April next year will be 80% painted by me.  That a scary thought as at last count the total amount of regiments that will be on the field will be around 45!!!  That's a lot of painting on my part  - Still i love a good challenge.:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Painting table update, Federal Zouaves.

Quick update on the Federal Zouaves ive been working on for Rob.

Unfortunately a trip for an ultrasound and a big session of pain slowed my painting to a crawl today.
I did however manage to get 6 of them finished.

It should be a damn fine looking unit once i finish all 24 of them.  not the best photo im afraid but it gives you an idea..