Monday, November 30, 2015

Federal Zouaves - The 74th!

Today I started painting Robs Zouaves. I wanted to get these done asap as i knew that a lot of work would need to go into them (since i haven't got too far with the Wheat's Tigers (More on them soon).

I possibly made the task a little harder for myself by choosing to paint up the 74th (probably one of, if not the most colorful of the federal Zouave regiments (or company in the case of the 74th which never got past a single company in size). As Rob is a good mate and knowing his army isn't going to have a lot of colour i wanted to do something special for him.

I've only managed to get all the base colours on and apply and ink but by the end of tomorrow i should have all the highlights on.

Here's a couple of pictures. They look pretty messy at this point and when i look at them i always doubt that they will look good finished but i know they will.

Half the base colours applied.

The blue applied along with the bags and canteens.

The ink applied - super shiny!!

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