Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ken Burns: The Civil War

Searching my way through You tube for ACW documentaries i came across the Ken Burns Series The Civil War. It consists of 9 episodes,  over 6 hours or more of video. They look like they will be interesting to listen too whilst i paint my southern lads.

I've linked the videos here for reference.

Episode 1- The Cause 1861

Episode 2 - A Very Bloody Affair 1862

Episode 3 - Forever Free 1862

Episode 4 - Simply Murder 1863

Episode 5 - The Universe of Battle 1864

Episode 6 - Valley of the Shadow of Death 1864

Episode 7 - Most Hollowed Ground 1864

Episode 8 - War is All Hell 1865

Episode 9 - The better Angels of our Nature - 1865

As i haven't watched the series yet i cant comment on how good it is but it has some good reviews on Amazon and i imagine if i like it i'll buy the DVD  set.

If anyone following or watching my blog has watched this series id love to know your thoughts on it.

Now to watch episode 1 and put stage 2 of the grey on another 48 figs.

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